A Tree Top Adventure With Go Ape

July 19, 2017

I’ll never forget the time I turned my back for a few seconds only to discover POD had scaled a chair and was just about to launch herself off the table! She was about two at the time and she’s been a climber ever since. Every time we visit the Alice Holt forest she asks if she can do Go Ape Junior but she’s not been big enough until now. Last weekend however she finally got to give it a go. We were a little apprehensive however as her first tree top adventure at Center Parcs a few months ago really didn’t go to plan. POD ended up dangling from a zip wire, unable to go forwards or backwards, in monsoon-like rain!

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The Limited Edition Disney Belle Dress

July 17, 2017

Six year old POD has been asking to see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast film for a while now. Having loved the original animation, she’s been waiting patiently for it come out on DVD after we missed it at the cinema. The movie was released on DVD today and if that wasn’t exciting enough, POD received a very special dress to coincide with the launch. A Limited Edition Disney Belle dress which is available exclusively at Harrods. Produced by the renowned specialist dress company Rubie’s Masquerade, it’s one of just a thousand handcrafted dresses that have been made across Europe, Australia and Asia.

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Druidstone: A trip down memory lane

July 11, 2017

On a recent trip to Pembrokeshire with friends, I was hoping we’d be able to visit the area I used to frequent as a child. Druidstone is an hour’s drive from Tenby beach which was not far from where we were staying. About the same distance too from Martin’s Haven where we’d taken a boat to look for around Skomer Island. Thankfully we did make it and I really hoped it would be the same as I remembered it.

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Will a new kitchen make us love our home?

July 8, 2017

We relished our time in London and the city was our home for many many years. In fact we ended up living in our Victorian house for ten years after saying we’d move after two! Funny how that happens isn’t it? We’d contemplated moving in 2008, when we’d grown out of the property, but decided against it in favour of a dormer loft conversion. It fell through days before work began but all was not lost as we used the money to renovate the house.

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Sack races and soldiers

July 7, 2017

Six year old POD has had a busy week what with her school sports day followed by her first Stagecoach performance outside of Early Stages a few days later. She didn’t win anything at her sports day mainly because she had so much fun. It was hilarious to watch. From looking in the opposite direction when the first race started to stopping to have her photograph taken and dancing at one end of the field when she should have been at the other.

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#UKexplore in June 2017

July 2, 2017

How much do we adore the #UKexplore hashtag on Instagram? If you’ve not come across it before, #UKexplore is a wonderful community focused on outdoor adventures. Set up by Karen from Mini Travellers (& Fuelled by Latte) and Rachel at The Ordinary Lovely, over 17,000 photographs have been shared over the past year. Rachel’s time looking after #UKexplore has come to an end though *sniff* so I’ll be co-hosting with Karen from now on. Rachel has done an superb job growing this community so do check out her blog The Ordinary Lovely if you haven’t already.

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The North Face Evolution II Triclimate Jacket

July 1, 2017

Just before we set off for Wales, the temperature in Surrey had soared to almost 30 degrees. But we arrived in Pembrokeshire to a very different climate – it was cold, wet and windy! The weather took a turn for the worse on our first day so donning our waterproofs, we headed to a deserted Tenby beach. When I say deserted there was an ice-cream van circling the beach on the hunt for potential customers!

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Photographs from Perranporth, Cornwall

June 27, 2017

How fast are the weeks flying by at the moment? Crazy to think it’s almost the end of June. POD asked when she’ll be seven the other day and her birthday is just 6 months away – it doesn’t seem five minutes since her last one! She’s growing up way too fast that’s for sure, fiercely independent too. Not that that’s a bad thing of course. On the subject of birthdays, we were in Perranporth in Cornwall a few weeks ago to celebrate POD’s great uncle Greg’s 70th birthday. We’d not visited the area before as Greg had a cat (we’re allergic) so it was a treat to be able to go and explore too.

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Springtime at Bocketts Farm Park

June 20, 2017

Yes I know spring is over and summer is well and truly here (we even have a paddling pool in the garden!) but I had to share these photographs from a trip to Bocketts Farm Park though. It’s a working farm and we always love it there but springtime is just a little bit special. Little did we know we’d end up seeing quite so much or that six year old POD would be so taken with a lamb she asked to bring it home!

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